Volcanic eruption captured on camera!

Volcanic eruption captured on camera!

Volcanic eruption captured on camera by an Australian tourist during his Papua New Guinea holiday.

Most of us will never see a volcanic eruption during our lives. But a tourist from Queensland Australia, named Philip McNamara (58) captured it on camera! He was on holiday in Papua New Guinea, boating the South Pacific Ocean around the New Britain. (near to the home of active volcano Tavurvur!)

The recent eruption of the volcano Tavurvur occurred on August 29. During this eruption Philip McNamara was there to film it this action from the ocean! The video, which runs for over a minute, starts calmly, than a hazy cloud surrounding the peak and a sonic boom that shakes Philip McNamara’s boat.

McNamara told the Brisbane Times: “It was a spur of the moment thing to head out and film the volcano. We saw it erupting and the ladies from Kokopo Beach Bungalows where we were staying said they could take us out on the boat to get a closer look. I thought I might as well try and capture something you rarely get to see.”

The result of the video is great. It looks like, it will be a legend in youtube. :)


What is a Volcanic Eruption?

Volcanic eruptions happen when lava and other gases are discharged from a volcanic vent. The most common consequences of this are population movements as large numbers of people are often forced to flee the moving lava flow.

The most dangerous type of volcanic eruptions is called as a “glowing avalanche”. This is a freshly erupted magma forms with hot pyroclastic flow which have temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees. The pyroclastic flow is formed from rock fragments following a volcanic explosion, the flow surges down the flanks of the volcano at speeds of up to several hundred kilometres per hour, to distances often up to 10km and occasionally as far as 40 km from the original disaster site.

Source of “What is a Volcanic Eruption?” paragraph is from: www.ifrc.org
For more information about Volcanic Eruptions please visit the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies web site by following this link

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